Academic Report Writing Help

Academic Report Writing Help

Academic Reports discuss and present the results of a survey, experiment or any other research method. Such reports need a specific layout emulated by the involvement of a specific set of sections. The most widely used sections of an academic report are discussed below. But before writing any academic report, some guidelines should be followed like citing trustworthy sources, formal writing skills and utilizing correct grammar and language skills. 

The sections included in an academic report are:


While writing an introduction for the academic report, the writer presents the research question or topic with an explanation of choosing the study topic. One also includes an overview of the general findings which is further elaborated in the later sections. Along with this, the writer also presents a brief summary as to the way the entire academic report is organized. 

Literature Review

This sections includes a brief survey of the scholastic sources related to your research topic. It allows you to make an identification of the pertinent theories along with methods and further identify gaps in the current or existing research. 


This includes the research methods that you have undertaken while doing the research. From methodology to sampling till the steps taken during the scientific experiment, all the aspects described in detail while utilizing the past tense. 


This includes the research results such as providing information related to the medical test results, respondent’s response and statistical analysis. It also includes the utilization of the tables and figures to discuss the important research findings. 


This includes the implications for your findings while relating them to prior findings presented in the literature review. The researcher makes an interpretation of the findings to answer the research question whereas we also discuss the limitations of the research study in this section.


This includes the summary of the entire research and findings associated with the study topic. No need to include any new information in this section. One should also take a proper care of the formatting and referencing as instructed. 


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